BeechBrook Campground

Business Season:
May 1st - October 10th

Roger Kelvey & Peggy Kelvey

Completed Map of Campground

Rules of Campground

Beechbrook Camground is owned by Roger & Peggy Kelvey. It's a large campground with over 100 acres of land. Includes 33 overnight sites and 124 seasonal. It's a great place for kids, and even better place for adults! Constant activities are being held such as dances and parties. You have the chance to play money games such as poker tournaments and 50/50 draws. For families with children, we have a large pool area (includes "adult swim" hours). Basketball court, baseball field (we also offer equipment upon request). Games such as horse shoes and washer toss are always being played. You'll even enjoy the scenery as you walk through lanes of trailers and paths.